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Watch: Man Trump pulled onstage at Florida rally says he salutes Trump cardboard cutout each day

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The man who was triumphantly pulled onstage by President Donald Trump at a Florida campaign rally over the weekend said that he salutes a 6-foot cardboard cutout of the president every day.

Gene Huber told CNN after the impromptu moment with the president that he has been supporting Trump for the last two years and is completely devoted to him. Huber said he lined up to get into the Melbourne rally at 4 a.m. Saturday, and because he was the first in line, he was interviewed by several local media outlets, which led to Trump seeing Huber's loyalty on TV.

That loyalty is so deep, Huber went on to explain, that he salutes a cardboard cutout of Trump each day.

"I’ve got a 6-foot cardboard box of President Trump in my house and I salute that every single day," Huber told CNN. "And I tell him, 'Mr. President, I pray for your safety today.'"

"I'm not lying," he added. "I do that every single day to the president — but his cardboard."

Indeed, Huber was not lying at all. Twitter users quickly discovered Huber's account — and his cardboard cutout.

Later in the interview, Huber explained why he's such a devout Trump supporter.

"It's just the way he speaks, that truth, it comes from the heart. That's the most important thing, it comes from his heart and he speaks the truth," Huber said. "I've never been into politics in my life up until President Trump came down the elevator — and he taught me everything."

When asked to give his analysis of Trump's first four weeks in office, Huber gave a predictable answer.

"He is doing fantastic!" Huber said. "There's no words to describe what this man is doing. ... He's going to change the world."

At the end of the interview, Huber had just one more parting statement to make to CNN host Pamela Brown.

"Ma'am I appreciate the interview, let’s just be a little, little nicer to our president. Thank you so much," Huber said, referring to Trump's insistence that CNN is a "fake news" media outlet that is unfair to him and his administration.

According to Reuters, Huber is a 47-year-old car salesman from West Palm Beach. Huber also told Fox News that being invited onstage by Trump was a "dream come true."

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