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Graffiti on school blasts educational system. But it seems spelling wasn't culprit's best subject.

Image source: YouTube screen cap

Oh, the irony.

A South Carolina school was hit with graffiti the other day. One of the buildings on the Palmetto High School campus in Williamston received a spray-painted message attacking the educational system, saying it's a "lie."

But it seems the spray-painting culprit should have taken spelling homework a bit more seriously:

A closer look:

Williamston Police Sgt. Lauren Mulz on Wednesday confirmed to TheBlaze that the spray-painted message in question was discovered Tuesday morning.

WYFF-TV reported other spray-painted messages included “Tell them the truth your," “Do not obey," "Teach us to think Not obey…” and “they don’t want thought! They want Conformity!”

It's possible the vandal behind the graffiti intentionally misspelled "school." The Urban Dictionary refers to "#shcool" with the following:

A place that rewards incompetence and conformism. Crams thousands of hormone charged teens into a bulidng [sic], makes them eat lunch way too early, and uses peer pressure to destroy your self-esteem. Also uses incredibly hard classes filled with useless information to f*** up your social life and your relationship with your parents. Nothing you learn will be of any use in the real world and the overall goal is to break your spirit so the government can pick up the pieces and make you what they want.


(H/T: EAGNews)

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