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Left-wing vandals targeting Berkeley College Republicans — and right in front of their faces

A man is caught on camera destroying Berkeley College Republican signs right in front of group members. (Image source: Facebook video screen cap)

Amid liberals' ongoing violence against supporters of Republican President Donald Trump at the University of California, Berkeley — in which perpetrators often conceal their faces with masks and scarves — culprits in other crimes against conservative students apparently feel no need to hide who they are.

Twice last week Berkeley College, Republican signs were destroyed — and not in the dead of night when no one was around, but in broad daylight and right in front of their faces.

Police said a student was arrested and cited for misdemeanor vandalism charges Wednesday after crushing and ripping a Trump yard sign on campus, SF Gate reported.

Naweed Tahmas of the Berkeley College Republicans said he called police after spotting two men in the act and that one of them tried ramming Tahmas with a bicycle when he tried taking photos of them, the outlet said, adding that police were still searching for the second suspect Thursday.

The arrested student was soon released, SF Gate said, adding that he posted a Facebook message: “UCPD used an hour of their resources to detain me for an hour over a Trump placard. I almost became a hashtag because UC Berkeley protects racist organizations.”

College Republicans captured video of vandalism as it was occurring right in front of them Tuesday when a man they said also is a student took their hand-painted wooden signs and nonchalantly broke them in half with his feet, seemingly as if he was crossing it off a chore list.

The Berkeley GOP students videotaping the vandalism made no attempt to intervene, and the interaction was decidedly cordial as the vandal took his time, smiled at friends and even asked the Republican students if their wooden signs could be composted.

They agreed it could be.

No arrests have been made in the incident, SF Gate reported. But campus police Officer Sabrina Reich told the outlet that detectives have a lead.

Regarding the vandalism, Tahmas said it's only made his resolve stronger.

“It’s just more motivation to keep going out there and working hard and being out there for the community," he told SF Gate, "and encourage open discussion and open dialogue."

In fact, the group's membership is climbing amid the attacks, SF Gate said, which also include fliers with photos of College Republican members and their names in which they're called fascists.

"That seems witch-hunty to me," freshman Theo Rosenfeld told KTVU-TV of the fliers, "especially at Berkeley, like the home of the free-speech movement. ... Even if you don't agree with someone's political opinions, you need to respect that."

(H/T: EAGNews)
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