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Conservative Trump ally Chris Ruddy calls out liberal ABC host over 'unfair' biased reporting

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy calls out ABC host George Stephanopoulos for "unfair" reporting. (Image source: YouTube)

Things got heated between ABC host George Stephanopoulos and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy during a segment on ABC "This Week" on Sunday.

Ruddy, a close friend and ally of President Donal Trump, was primarily on the show to discuss Trump's recent accusation that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped him. But Ruddy was not happy with the introduction Stephanopoulos gave him, particularly because Stephanopoulos definitively said that Trump was basically a liar and his claims are completely unfounded.

"I think the press has been very unfair," Ruddy said. "And even the setup for this segment of me coming on."

Ruddy explained that the media is showing their bias by continuing to focus on stories they believe hurt Trump or make Trump look bad, instead of focusing on the accomplishments Trump has had in his first 100 days as president, citing health care reform and job creation.

But Stephanopoulos wasn't interested in talking about any of the positive things Trump has done. Instead, he asked Ruddy what it will take for Trump to "apologize" to Obama. He also contended that there is overwhelming evidence to prove that Trump lied, which led Ruddy to make an interesting point about Stephanopoulos and the media.

"The press is harping on this," Ruddy said before mentioning a recent poll that found that the majority of Americans believe the media is being too tough on Trump.

"There was a recent poll that showed that 54 percent of Americans believe the press is too aggressive in their attacks on the president," Ruddy said. "We've never had a situation where the press is basically being part of the opposition political party."

Watch the tense segment below:

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