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Watch: Army Ranger has epic message for sensitive college students triggered by Chick-fil-A on campus

Retired Army Ranger Sean Parnell tells college kids triggered by Chick-fil-A to suck it up. (Image source: YouTube)

Retired Army Ranger Sean Parnell took to the airwaves of Fox News last week to deliver an epic message to college students triggered by Chick-fil-A coming to their campus.

As TheBlaze reported last week, students at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania recently proposed a resolution urging school administrators to reconsider a plan to bring Chick-fil-A to their campus next fall. They allege the restaurant chain’s stance on same-sex marriage will make LGBTQ students feel “unsafe” on campus.

But Parnell, a Duquesne graduate, said on “Fox and Friends” the reasoning behind the petition is absurd.

“They’re a bunch of babies,” he said. “College is suppose to prepare you for the real world, not shield you from opposing opinions, and safe spaces do exactly that."

“My message is toughen up,” Parnell explained. “There are no safe spaces in the real world. If you’re going to be successful in this life after you leave college, you’ve got to learn to embrace diversity and open yourself up to a litany of different opinions."

"Safe spaces don’t prepare students for the real world,” he continued. "That is fascism cloaked in free speech. That is not what America was founded on."

In the end, Parnell said he simply doesn’t understand why the students don’t want Chick-fil-A on their campus, given how good the restaurant’s food is.

"I would’ve killed for Chick-fil-A on my campus when I was a student at Duquesne,” he said.

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