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Liberal protesters storm Heritage Foundation's Washington, DC, office. It hilariously backfires.

Protesters storm inside the conservative Heritage Foundation — and it quickly backfires. (Image source: Screen cap)

Liberal protesters stormed the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the conservative Heritage Foundation on Tuesday — but the demonstration backfired when Heritage later took to Twitter using the event to promote one of its policy papers.

Just before noon, around 200 protesters marched up to and inside the conservative organization's Capitol Hill offices. Within about 20 minutes, however, they were gone, the Washington Examiner reported.

The protesters voiced their opposition to President Donald Trump's proposed budget blueprint. Congress has not yet voted on a 2018 fiscal year budget but is expected to do so by Friday night to keep the federal government from shutting down. It's unlikely that budget a deal later this week will include funding for a southern border wall.

Multiple federal agencies, including the EPA, will likely face drastic cuts as a result of Republicans controlling the House and Senate.

Protesters Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation seized upon the Republicans' priorities.

"Water not walls," protesters were heard chanting in one video tweeted out by People's Action, the liberal group that organized the protest.

"Shut it down," other protesters shouted from inside the usually quiet office building.

People's Action, in a separate tweet, accused Heritage of being "Trump's think tank."

Heritage employees fought back, displaying "repeal Obamacare" signs in their windows as protesters poured out from the lobby and onto the sidewalk.

The Heritage then took to Twitter, using the protest as a means to further promote their conservative agenda.

"Thank you @pplsaction for the opportunity to tell more people about our budget to tackle the $20 Trillion debt!" Heritage tweeted, along with a link to its proposed 2018 fiscal blueprint.

Heritage vowed it would "not be bullied or silenced by staged protesters backed by progressive special interest groups connected to George Soros."

"Heritage will not back down. We will keep fighting for a responsible budget, a pro-growth tax system, Obamacare repeal.." the organization wrote.


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