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Actually, Bill Nye did properly explain gender in his 1990s children's show

Bill Nye's 1990s show, "Bill Nye the Science Guy," promoted the true scientific description of determining gender, contradicting his 2017 Netflix show that claims that gender is fluid. (Getty Images)

After viewers heavily panned a clip of Netflix's "Bill Nye Saves the World" for a song and dance segment in which gender was promoted as a fluid concept, intrepid online journalists began searching clips of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" from the 1990s for evidence that perhaps Bill Nye's scientific views on gender weren't always so fluid. And they struck gold.

In a clip discovered by Ian Miles Cheong of Heat Street, a segment on "Bill Nye the Science Guy" called "Consider the Following" featured a girl describing how XX and XY chromosomes determine whether you are male or female.

"Inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes," the girl says, pointing to XX and XY refrigerator magnets, "and they control whether we become a boy or a girl."

The girl explains to viewers how becoming a boy or a girl is a 50-50 chance, based on whether or not the father contributes a Y chromosome.

"There are only two possibilities," the girl states.

As you can see, Nye did indeed teach children the scientific facts about gender before his 2017 show.

Nye, 61, has been generating plenty of controversy over the last month. During his 2017 show, Nye and some panelists began discussing how families should be penalized for having more children, causing many to accuse Nye of promoting eugenics.

Nye also recently chastised CNN for having on a Princeton University physicist, who argued that Nye's climate change models were false, and promoting unnecessary alarmism.

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