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Former 'Apprentice' star has meltdown during CNN interview on health care

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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin shut down former "Apprentice" contestant and Trump supporter Erin Elmore during Monday's "CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin" after she apparently felt Elmore was attempting to take control of the conversation.

While discussing reports that Senate Republicans are putting together a male-dominated think tank to work on AHCA, Elmore kept trying to steer the conversation back to Obamacare and how bad she thought it was.

Baldwin was clearly disinterested in debating Obamacare and said that the GOP waited five days before addressing the gender disparity. She pressed Elmore on why more women haven't been instrumental in the analysis of the bill.

“I’m not sitting on Capitol Hill, that’s what your reporters should have addressed,” Elmore answered. “What I will tell you is ObamaCare is absolutely imploding, premiums are skyrocketing and through the roof.”

“You’re totally changing the topic ... you’re totally changing the topic,” Baldwin repeated. “Erin, this is about birth control, this is about maternity care, this is about breastfeeding and rape treatment.”

Elmore fired back, clearly heated up, “Oh, we’re not talking about ObamaCare? I thought we were!”

“Hang on, hang on,” Baldwin responded. “You can give me statistics on Obamacare if you want, but to me, this is just about women having a voice when it comes to health care in this country.”

Elmore said that the 13 men on the AHCA committee were elected by women, thus proving female representation.

“All of these 13 gentlemen on this committee right now, they’re all elected officials,” she said. “They weren’t just elected by men, they are speaking on behalf of women.”

Changing the topic again, Elmore continued to repeat, “Obamacare is imploding,” while Baldwin, clearly frustrated, accused Elmore of forcibly changing topics.

Elmore continued, maintaining her position that Obamacare is imploding, but Baldwin finally erupted and said, "May I speak? It’s my show."

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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