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Watch: Two-year-old Virginia girl cries over her love of Jesus

Image source: TheBlaze

In a video that went viral on Friday, two-year-old Ella Grace Pierce of Virginia cries to her mother that she wants Jesus to come.

The video shows Pierce tearing up and puffing out her lower lip as her mother, Emily Bannard, asks what's wrong.

"Why are you crying?" Bannard asks Pierce.

The little girl looks back and forth before she answers, "Jesus."

"What about Jesus?" Bannard asks.

Seeming to want a heavier discussion with her mother, Pierce says, "Mommy, lay down."

Bannard obliges, and again asks her daughter why she's crying. When she does, Pierce turns on the waterworks.

"'Cause Jesus," Pierce cries. "Jesus loves me."

Laughing, Bannard asks her daughter, "So why are you crying?"

"I want Jesus to come," Pierce wails and turns her head to the side.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Bannard revealed that Pierce began praying when she was just a year old.

"Ella is always talking about her love for Jesus," Bannard said. "It really is so sweet and makes my heart so happy. We've always had strong faith in our family. Ella makes prayer a routine every night before bed and won't let you forget."

Bannard revealed that her daughter began praying at just a year old when she saw a little boy at the park crying.

"She still continues to pray for him to this day, it's adorable," Bannard said. "She finds crosses in anything and everything and loves to sing songs about Him. She is a little superstar and we are so proud."

See the video below.

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