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Watch: Tucker Carlson corners Jorge Ramos with facts during tense debate on illegal immigration

Fox News host Tucker Carlson battles Jorge Ramos on immigration. (Image source: YouTube)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson cornered Univision anchor Jorge Ramos during a contentious debate on immigration reform Friday night and tore apart Ramos' arguments piece by piece.

Carlson began the segment by noting that Ramos believes the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump is both "illegitimate" and "bigoted."

"The wall is useless," Ramos affirmed. "That wall is not going to do anything to stop immigration."

Carlson pointed out, citing Ramos' statistics, that the majority of immigrants who come to America don't come via visa or airplane, but come across the border. "If you can get a handle on that" then Carlson suggested that illegal immigration could be quelled with a wall.

"Maybe your real fear is that it would be too effective," Carlson said. "Walls work in other countries like Israel."

Ramos argued back that what "we're doing at the border is somehow working," noting that some of the safest U.S. communities are on the southern border and that illegal immigration rates have remained steady over the last half decade.

"The last time I check, we're not at war with Mexico."

But Carlson had just one question.

"Do you adopt this attitude at home?" he asked. "Do you have locks on your doors at home?"

"Of course, yeah," Ramos replied.

"Are you at war with your neighbors?" Carlson followed up.

"I'm very civil with my neighbors," Ramos said.

"Then why do you have locks on your doors?" Carlson said.

The Fox host went on to press Ramos over why he locks his doors as night, but Ramos tried to skate around the question. Ramos said that Carlson, through his line of questioning, was implying that all immigrants are criminals, but Carlson clarified that he most definitely was not.

"Your attitude [about your house] is the one we should have about our country: if you care something, you want to secure it," Carlson explained. "That doesn't mean you prevent anyone from entering, I'm sure you have guests in your home, but you decide who they are and you don't want someone coming in your house that you didn't invite."

"Why is a country any different than that," Carlson asked.

Ramos disagreed with Carlson and said that America is inviting illegal immigrants to come to the U.S. through the hiring of immigrants in the service and agricultural industries.

Carlson, however, disagreed.

"I'm just saying as a theoretical matter, and then as a practical one, a country has a right to determine who comes in," Carlson said, explaining that voters should decide and that by electing Trump to be president, the voters chose for a wall to be built.

Watch the interview below:

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