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Watch: Chris Wallace confronts Al Gore over his faulty climate change claims that never came true
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace grills Al Gore over failed climate change predictions. (Image source: YouTube)

Watch: Chris Wallace confronts Al Gore over his faulty climate change claims that never came true

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace grilled former Vice President and climate change alarmist Al Gore Sunday over claims he made in his popular 2006 documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

The more than 10-minute interview was mostly civil until Wallace confronted Gore over the faulty claims. Wallace reminded Gore that in his documentary he claimed that unless the world "took drastic measures the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years."

Wallace added that in his publicity of the movie, Gore claimed that if the world didn't act, man-made global warming would result in a "true planetary emergency."

Many predictions made by scientists and other climate change alarmists like Gore have failed to come true. For example, in 2007 Gore predicted that the summer Arctic ice in the North Pole would completely disappear by 2013 due to global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

That, however, never came true. The same can be said for many of Gore's claims and that's exactly what Wallace confronted him over.

"Weren't you wrong?" Wallace asked.

"No," Gore replied. "Well we have seen a decline in emissions on a global basis. For the first time they’ve stabilized and started to decline. So some of the responses for the last 10 years have helped, but unfortunately and regrettably a lot of serious damage has been done."

"Greenland, for example, has been losing one cubic kilometer of ice every single day. I went down to Miami and saw fish from the ocean swimming in the streets on a sunny day. The same thing was true in Honolulu just two days ago, just from high tides because of the sea level rise now," he added.

Gore went on to explain that the world is now only going to face "some" of the many consequences he once warned about.

"We are going to suffer some of these consequences, but we can limit and avoid the most catastrophic consequences if we accelerate the pace of change that’s now beginning," Gore said.

Among other predictions Gore made that never came true was his claim that storms would become more intense and the world would see stronger hurricanes on a more frequent basis. He also claimed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa would lose it's snowpack by 2016. But that also hasn't happened — and it's not even close.

Watch Gore's interview below. The relevant portion begins around the 8:30 mark:

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