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Chelsea Clinton tries to bash Republicans in tweet — but actually destroys Michelle Obama instead

In a recent tweet, Chelsea Clinton tried to slam Republicans, but instead ripped Michelle Obama. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, inadvertently ripped former first lady Michelle Obama recently on Twitter.

Clinton took to Twitter this week to comment on a recent study that showed that kids in school learn better, are more attentive and better retain what they learn when they're not hungry and eat nutritional food.

"Research again confirms kids pay more attention in class & better retain what they're taught when they're not hungry," Clinton wrote.

When one Twitter user replied and said the study's results were obvious, Clinton used the opportunity to bash Republicans, writing that Republicans have been trying to repeal free lunches and block nutritional food requirements.

"Sadly, many Republicans continue to argue against free school lunches & breakfasts & against nutritional support for families," Clinton wrote.

Though she was obviously trying to bash Republicans, Clinton ended up bashing Michelle Obama. That's because while her husband was president, Obama worked to completely overhaul the national school lunch program while expanding the free and reduced lunch program.

Indeed, the Obama administration was successful in overhauling the program. However, the changes they implemented were not popular and students across the country for years have taken to social media to post the unappetizing and small lunches they now receive at school all thanks to the changes Obama made.

Many people took to Twitter to note Clinton's apparent slam of Obama:

President Donald Trump's administration has already announced plans to rollback many of the school lunch nutritional requirements implemented by the Obamas.

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