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Pick up a godd**n brick' if Trump fires Mueller, HBO's 'The Wire' creator tells Twitter followers

David Simon, creator of HBO's "The Wire," tweeted on Monday to "pick up a godd**n brick" if President Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

David Simon, creator of HBO’s acclaimed crime series "The Wire," has a blunt suggestion for his Twitter followers if Republican President Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed to lead the FBI investigation into Russia's alleged ties to the 2016 election.

“If Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller and is allowed to do so, pick up a godd**n brick,” Simon tweeted Monday. “That’s all that’s left to you.”

With that, the floodgates opened.

One person equated Simon with violent antifa leftists and said he should be "indicted for inciting violence" — but Simon wasn't having it.

“Given that you were provoked to a keyboard, inciting stupidity is a more likely plea bargain in my future,” he tweeted back.

Indeed, Simon appeared to take on all detractors.

When one asked what Simon intended to do with his "little brick" — while copying Twitter handles for the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the FBI and the White House — "The Wire" writer was brutal in his response:

Another Twitter user told Simon to "pick up a brick and aim it at someone in front of me. I'll unload a mag in your chest and walk away legally. Called self defense!"

Simon's reply?

After another threat to contact the Secret Service for a threat against Trump, Simon ripped into his detractor:

“Don’t just call the Secret Service, ya rube,” he wrote. “Call the Justice League. They’re the first line of defense against disturbing rhetoric. Go big!”

This isn't particularly new ground for Simon. IndieWire noted last week that Simon was an outspoken critic of Trump throughout the presidential campaign and has continued his pointed criticism since Trump took office. A Twitter thread from Simon last Thursday was on Trump and Russia: “Trump already knows that there is some fixed amount of Russian interference on his behalf, and possibly, collusion as well.”

It should be noted that before Trump's election, Simon came under fire for the same reason "Real Time" host Bill Maher just did: using the N-word.

Simon posted a mocking tweet about a September 2016 “black issues” town hall on Fox News featuring Trump and hosted by Sean Hannity, the Washington Post reported: “Hannity my n—a!” Simon tweeted, the paper said. “If they couldn’t get a Ta-Nehisi or Deray to host, then who but you on the pulse of black America.”

Simon was criticized for using the slur, but the outrage seemed tamer compared to what hit Maher. And the creator of "The Wire" — which features a mostly black cast, the paper said — defended his tweet.

The Post said Twitter user @bettyb00p00 wrote: “David, you’re an intelligent white man. You know how this looks. It’s not okay. I get the sarcasm. There’s better ways to do it.”

The paper noted Simon's response: “I see how it looks to some, and I regret any hurt. But I know what it actually is in purpose/intent. So we are where we are.”

Black author and professor Jody Armour told the Post that Simon doesn't have the right to use the word.

“At the end of the day, he’s still a 56-year-old white guy who enjoys all of the privilege that social designation comes with,” Armour told the paper. “He cannot deny that, and he cannot run away from that. And, as someone who occupies that privileged position, he has … a responsibility to be sensitive to socially marginalized groups.”

(H/T: Truth Revolt)

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