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Infamous university seeks to create more social justice warrior teachers

Evergreen College is once again allowing students who wish to find careers in public education to sign up for a 2-year course that will train future educators to infuse social justice into their curriculum. (Getty Images)

Evergreen State College, currently in the news for its students' wildly aggressive pushes for a more social justice-centered college, has announced that it will once again feature a program that will train aspiring teachers to incorporate social justice concepts into their curriculum.

The 2-year "Masters In Teaching" (MiT) program, based out of Evergreen's Tacoma campus, will focus on future K-12 educators who will "play a key role in nurturing and educating citizens who care about equity and justice for all beings," according to J. Patrick Naughton, the MiT program director.

According to the MiT catalog, students will be forced to "examine and consciously act" on their differences in order to expose the "consequences of their multicultural encapsulation," which is how the curriculum refers to students' purported ignorance of other's cultures due to being raised in their own. The differences they will be focusing on include race, class, "gender expression," and sexual identities.

Additionally, the MiT's syllabus for year one informs students that the course will focus on how traditional views and texts would often lead to "personal, economic, and political oppression of power."

According to The College Fix, various educational fields require different social justice-centered classes to be completed under the program. For instance, history teachers will be required to take a least one class in U.S. women's history, and another in U.S. multicultural history. Theater teachers are required to take four classes in the “social cultural and historical contexts” of arts.

Evergreen claims that the MiT program has an incredibly high job placement rate, with 100 percent of MiT's 2016 students finding teaching positions once they completed the program.

It was not made clear, however, what Evergreen considers "teachers positions," nor if any of these were full time jobs with benefits. According to The College Fix, multiple inquiries to MiT associate director Maggie Foran for clarification were not returned.

Evergreen, located in Olympia, Washington, is currently embroiled in controversy due to social justice-centered groups within the college resorting to intimidation, and sometimes violent tactics, in order to push their agenda on the college itself.

For instance, professor Bret Weinstein had refused to leave the Evergreen campus when a student led a daylong event that sought to force anyone with white skin off the campus. Students not only attempted to bully Weinstein for his questioning of the event, but also attempted to have him fired.

Weinstein's firing was a part of a list of demands given to Evergreen President George Bridges, who caved to many of these students' demands in the face of their shouts, insults, and intimidation. However, Weinstein was not fired in response to the students' demands.

But Weinstein said that he was forced to move his class into a nearby park, because police had informed him that it was no longer safe for him on campus. Weinstein said that some students had taken it upon themselves to become a vigilante group, carrying around bats and batons in order to "community police" the campus. This group of students has already assaulted one student who was protesting Weinstein's treatment.


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