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Planned Parenthood tweets 'what women want in 4 words' — and it immediately blows up in their face

Planned Parenthood posts "what women want in 4 words" and it immediately backfires. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Planned Parenthood got more than they bargained for when the organization recently took to Twitter to post about "what women want in four words."

The organization's Twitter account was adding to an already trending Twitter discussion using the hashtag "WhatWomenWantIn4Words." Many of the top tweets advocated for more women at the decision making tables, less domestic violence, an end to the "rape culture," an end of the gender "wage gap," and so forth.

But when Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest provider of abortions, tweeted what they want in just four words, they wrote, "No politicians in healthcare."

As to be expected, some of the organization's Twitter followers doubled down on Planned Parenthood's sentiment.

"Safe legal medical procedures," one woman wrote.

"Planned Parenthood fully funded!" added another.

But the overwhelming majority of responses rebuked Planned Parenthood, as many people said they want federal tax dollars to stop going to the organization:

While many others pointed out that Planned Parenthood's tweet seemingly advocated a conservative policy position on health care:

Still, others pointed out that although Planned Parenthood tweeted they want politicians out of health care, they regularly donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to politician's campaigns:

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