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Watch: Panel completely implodes when Sally Kohn melts down over Trump supporter who defends tweets
A discussion on CNN between Sally Kohn and Kayleigh McEnany gets heated when they discuss a tweet by President Donald Trump. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Watch: Panel completely implodes when Sally Kohn melts down over Trump supporter who defends tweets

A CNN panel completely imploded Sunday afternoon when a discussion over President Donald Trump's controversial tweets descended into a shouting match.

Trump ignited controversy Sunday when he tweeted a video of himself literally taking down "CNN." The video was from a WrestleMania appearance Trump made back in 2007. But CNN's logo was superimposed on one of the wrestler's heads, and Trump took that wrestler to the ground and began beating him.

Many have accused Trump of inciting violence against the media with his tweet. CNN political commentator Ana Navarro said Trump's tweets will cause someone to murder a member of the media, while others called for his impeachment . Trump was even compared to brutal dictators for his tweets.

But Trump's supporters said Sunday that the tweet was a mere joke and shouldn't cause alarm. CNN political commentator Kayleigh McEnany hammered home that point Sunday during a panel with CNN anchor Brian Stelter and liberal CNN political commentator Sally Kohn.

"I think it was intended as a tongue-in-cheek, satirical video. Nothing serious," McEnany said, explaining, however, that she wouldn't have advised the president to tweet the video.

McEnany explained that she believes Trump definitely has a right to criticize the media. After all, according to Trump and his supporters, the media is biased against Trump, so he has a right to defend himself.

Indeed, according to a Harvard study, more than 90 percent of CNN's coverage of Trump during his first 100 days as president was negative. That's in addition to the wild anti-Trump political rhetoric that has dominated the news since he was elected president last November.

But Kohn took serious issue with McEnany's point.

"I actually can't believe that this is happening. But, um, it was Donald Trump who said Barack Obama wasn't a citizen of this country. It was Republicans who said he had a Kenyan-colonialist mindset that literally questioned his legitimacy to even be in the White House," Kohn said.

When McEnany tried to respond, Kohn completely went off.

"I can’t believe you can defend this! I mean, really?" she questioned. "Is there, is there ... so my question is there no line? Like, if that had been a picture not of a CNN logo ... but it had been Jake Tapper’s head he was punching, would that cross a line for you? What if it was a picture of Donald Trump holding a bloodied CNN logo up?"

"When does it cross the line?!" Kohn screamed.

"Sally, you appear to have a listening problem, Sally," McEnany responded. "Because I said it was not advisable for him to send that out."

"And you defended it!" Kohn shot back. "And you defended it. You said it was just a joke."

"I said it was not advisable," McEnany reiterated. "Yes, it was just a joke. And by the way, you should take an inward look because the Hollywood liberal elite are the ones calling for the assassination of the president."

McEnany was referring to Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, who recently came under fire after he appeared to call for the assassinatio n of Trump. Depp later apologized.

"There is a difference—" Kohn tried to say several times as she and McEnany talked over one another as McEnany cited many instances where liberals appeared to support violence being used against Trump.

Watch the explosive exchange below:

Trump has ramped up his rhetoric against the media on Twitter in recent days to previously unseen levels. On Saturday, he labeled CNN "garbage journalism" and slammed MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. He even labeled Brzezinski "dumb as a rock Mika."

Also on Saturday, Trump said he would change his nickname of CNN from "fake news CNN" to "fraud news CNN."

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