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Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards to publish ‘inspirational memoir’ next year

President and CEO Cecile Richards speaks onstage at the Planned Parenthood 100th Anniversary Gala on May 2 in New York City. Richards said Thursday that she will publish a memoir next year. (Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Planned Parenthood President and CEO Cecile Richards said Thursday that she will publish a memoir next year.

“Some news: I'm writing a book!” Richards wrote on Twitter. “Looking forward to sharing what I've learned from years of activism & troublemaking.”

Richard’s publisher, Touchstone, confirmed her announcement in a press release, describing the “yet-to-be-titled” book as an “inspirational memoir.”

Susan Moldow, publisher of Touchstone and president of the Scribner Publishing Group, said in a statement, “We are so proud to publish Cecile Richards’ memoir.”

“She has arguably become the face of the progressive movement today,” Moldow continued. “Ms. Richards is an inspiration to women, girls, and people of all ages who look to her as a role model for how to lead and be of service — and do so with joy.”

Richards said in a statement that she is “excited to share my story and the lessons I’ve learned over the years from making trouble and organizing for change.” She added:

In a moment when so much of the progress generations have fought for is on the line, we are witnessing the most exciting outpouring of grassroots organizing many of us have ever seen. Now is not the time to wait for instructions — it’s time to get to work, and be bolder and braver than ever before. I am thrilled to work with the phenomenal team at Touchstone and Simon & Schuster to write a book that will show readers that activism can be inspiring, fun, and funny—and introduce you to people who will change your life and the world.

In her article on Richards’ memoir, Newsbusters' Katie Yoder argued, “The president of America’s largest abortion provider is 'excited' to inspire Americans with her story.”

“But what she won’t say, is that it’s a story that relies on the destruction of millions of others’ stories,” Yoder continued. “Stories — lives — lost in abortion.”

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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