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Bodycam of Minneapolis policeman shows violent shooting of two innocent dogs

Image source: TheBlaze

A Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer's bodycam footage showed the graphic shooting of two Staffordshire terriers named Ciroc and Rocko.

The incident occurred on July 8 after local law enforcement responded to a false security alarm call.

At the time of this writing, the police department has yet to officially comment on the incident, only claiming in their initial report that the dogs "charged at" the responding officer. The report also described the dogs as "large pit bulls," and not Staffordshire terriers.

Minneapolis Police Department Chief Janeé Harteau said on Monday that the department “will be implementing mandatory training specifically for officers identifying effective tools and tactical strategies with police and dog encounters,” and added that the department will help bear the financial burden placed upon the family after the two dogs were sent for emergency care, so that "both dogs are adequately taken care of."

Harteau also noted that the footage was difficult to watch.

The owner of the two dogs, Jennifer LeMay, told the Star Tribune that the dogs did not attack or charge at the police officer.

"Video surveillance doesn’t lie,” she said, and claimed that the first dog shot was wagging its tail and "wasn't even moving, lunging toward [the officer] or anything."

"My dogs were doing their job on my property," LeMay added.

One of the dogs was shot directly in the face, breaking its jaw, and the other was shot three times — in the shoulder, face, and side.

During the bodycam's audio, the officer can be heard saying, "I dispatched both of them," referring to the dogs.

After the officer shot the animals, he approached LeMay's daughter, who was the one that accidentally tripped the alarm system.

"Hey, I'm gonna sit there and say sorry about this," the officer tells LeMay's daughter, in an apparent attempt to comfort her. "I don't like shooting no dogs. I love dogs, so ... it's unfortunate. Are they A-OK?"

LeMay's daughter answers that she's unsure, but that she has "blood all over my house, and they're both walking, that I know of."

Warning: the following video contains graphic violence and disturbing imagery.

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