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Elderly woman angrily confronts Bill de Blasio for jetting to Germany — so he takes cowards way out

An elderly Queens woman confronted NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier this week. He decided to take cowards way out in response. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

When an angry woman confronted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio earlier this week, the controversial mayor took the coward's way out.

According to the New York Post, 63-year-old Vickie Paladino was driving through her neighborhood in Queens on Thursday when she saw de Blasio giving a press conference. He was there to announce $16 million in funding to fix sidewalks damaged by tree roots.

When she saw de Blasio, she ordered her husband to stop their car. Then she jumped out and began berating the mayor, who quickly turned to scurry away with his security detail. At the center of Paladino's criticism was de Blasio's recent trip to Germany to speak at G-20 Summit protest events.

"I want to know why you let your police officers down and our country down by going to Germany and protesting against our country," Paladino yelled at de Blasio, according to video captured by WCBS-TV.

"I want to know why you are doing that!" she screamed at de Blasio as he walked away. "OK? I don’t care about the trees!"

"And pay your police officers!" she added. "Stop spending it on money to go protest against our country!"


Paladino spoke with gathered reporters after the incident and explained that she and her husband are so upset with de Blasio that they have decided to sell their house and move away.

She said:

I’ve had it with de Blasio! I’ve had it with the way he’s running this city. Everybody’s had it with de Blasio. I don’t think he has a friend in the city.

He ran away! It’s time he starts to pay attention...this is a big show. This means nothing. He could have sent anyone here to talk to us about trees.

Don’t talk to me about trees. Talk to me about protection of our city. Of our citizens. And what you’re going to do for our police officers. Because you left them high and dry, on more than one occasion. Can’t wait for Election Day. Buddy, you are OUT!

Afterward, Paladino told WCBS that she was so close to de Blasio that she heard him tell his security detail to get him far away from the screaming Paladino. She also reiterated her feelings toward de Blasio.

"Why did you go to Germany? Why did you stand with the communists, the anarchists, the socialists when you’re supposed to be here," she said in her interview with WCBS. "Taking care of our business, our police officers."

De Blasio's decision to jet to Europe was particularly controversial because it came less than one day after an NYPD cop was assassinated while she sat in a police vehicle in the Bronx. De Blasio's decision to head to Europe also forced him to miss the swearing-in ceremony for more than 500 new NYPC police officers.

De Blasio is up for re-election this year. His main GOP challenger is Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican state assemblywoman who represents parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

Watch below via WCBS:

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