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Trump shuts down very young protester at Youngstown — then this happens

Image source: TheBlaze

President Donald Trump had some choice words for a Soviet flag-toting protester during his Youngstown, Ohio, rally on Tuesday.

During the president's speech, a young protester stood up bearing the flag, and the crowd began pointing him out to the president and attending media.

“If you don’t point, no one’s gonna even know he’s here,” Trump said about the protester. “Weak voice. Weak voice.”

After another rally attendee yanked the flag out of the young boy's hands, the crowd at the rally went wild and the protester was removed from the premises by local law enforcement.

“Boy, he’s a young one, he’s going back home to mommy,” Trump mocked. “Boy, he’s in trouble. He’s in trouble. And I’ll bet his mommy voted for us, right?”

See the snippet in the video below.

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