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Texans plan protest against proposed border wall

Residents in Hidalo County, Texas plan to hold a march in protest of President Trump's proposed border wall. (Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images)

South Texans have planned numerous protests this weekend against President Donald Trump's proposed border wall along the United States-Mexico border.

Based on a federal "pre-decision map," residents in Hidalo County, which surround McAllen, believe the wall would impact national landmarks and areas along the Rio Grande, the Corpus Christi Caller Times reported.

The city of Mission has a planned protest that starts at Our Lady of the Guadalupe Catholic Church and ends at La Lomita, a chapel the city was named after. Residents plan to host a prayer walk from the church grounds to the chapel, followed by a picnic at the church.

According to activists, the proposed map would leave La Lomita in "no mans land," tucked away between the Rio Grande River and the wall.

A Facebook event for the march explained why residents and local activists are against the border wall:

Trump's walls are a manifestation of hate, and would damage our communities and natural areas and cut off our access to the river.

The Trump Administration is planning to wall off long stretches of the Rio Grande Valley, including important sites like the Historic La Lomita Chapel, which was built in 1865. A wall on the levee next to the Mission could damage the structure and block access to the site. Walls elsewhere would cut off people's homes, strip farmers of their land, close our parks, and devastate our ecologically sensitive wildlife refuges. Walls do not stop people from crossing, but they do funnel them into remote areas where they are at risk of dying from dehydration and exposure. 

The event had dozens of sponsors, including the Sierra Club, the Socialist Party and numerous chapters of the Democratic Party.

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