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Kellyanne Conway excoriates the media for not focusing on Trump's efforts to help American veterans

Image source: TheBlaze

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on Thursday aired her grievances that the media have provided only "scant" coverage of President Donald Trump's recent signing of a bill that will provide U.S. veterans expanded assistance in procuring disability benefits.

The bill

During Wednesday's American Legion's National Convention in Reno, Nevada, Trump promised that veterans in the U.S. would receive better care from their government.

"No longer will veterans be kept waiting for years to get an answer to their [disability] appeals,” Trump said. “They will receive timely updates and they will get decisions much more quickly in a fraction of the time."

The legislation signed by the president, the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act, will provide expanded and expedited services to veterans who have appealed decisions to determine whether disability disbursements from the government should be received.

"We are one people with one home and one great flag," Trump said in his speech to the American Legion.

Conway's remarks

On Fox News' "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Conway blasted the media for the "huge disconnect" on issues important to Americans and what the "media are telling Americans is important to them."

"Yesterday, the president beseeched the nation to unify, to appeal to our better angels, our higher purposes, the things that bind us together as Americans," Conway said of the president's American Legion speech. "[He said] we're all on the same team. That got scant coverage."

Conway added that the media often ignore real issues and said that the media are trying to sabotage the Trump administration rather than fix root issues.

"This has become opinion commentary disguised as reporting," the White House counselor said.

The problem with the media

Much like Rep. Maxine Waters' (D-Calif.) repetitious calls for the impeachment of Trump, the mainstream media are not helping Americans by skewering the president at every turn. The media would better serve the country and its people by focusing on important issues instead of promoting hate and division.

Much of the media seem content to critically pan the president's every move. Continuing as if the U.S. government were one big reality show, the media don't seem to realize the damage they're doing by not addressing more pressing issues than whether or not Trump is taping his tie shut or using phrases like "bigly."

Yes, there are many reasons to be concerned about the state of affairs within the U.S. government today. But laser focusing on what we don't like about the current administration and negating any good that is being done isn't only hurting us as a unified country, it's promoting the idea to other countries of the world that we're all the more vulnerable because of our division.

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