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Gun show pulls Hitler artifacts from planned exhibits

Adolf Hitler artifacts were pulled from a local gun show in Sarasota Springs, New York, after receiving backlash. (Image source: WTEN-TV screenshot)

A gun show in Sarasota Springs, New York, decided to pull Adolf Hitler artifacts from its planned exhibits after backlash from local residents, WTEN-TV reported.

The reason behind the exhibit

Gun show organizer David Petronis collects historical artifacts and said displaying the Hitler pieces was meant to celebrate the end of Nazism.

Petronis was planning to display pieces of Hitler's furniture, including a desk from his apartment, at the show. The desk would have been draped with a Nazi flag.

“Have a GI mannequin sitting on the flag with a dagger through the swastika. With a sign that says U.S. Conquers Hitler in 1945 because that’s when the desk was confiscated," Petronis told WTEN.

Petronis said the decision to include the artifacts was decided three months ago, and he didn't think it would stir up controversy.

“This was simply going to be an exhibition of historic items, Hitler’s desk among them. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Three months ago it seemed like a good idea,” Petronis said.

The reactions

Local residents had mixed reactions to the exhibit.

“No, it’s not appropriate. That wouldn’t be appropriate at all,” Nicole Brown said.

“I’m not offended by it. It’s history absolutely. It’s what our Founding Fathers fought for,” John Lavalley said.

“Yeah, I find it odd that they would be promoting something like that,” Nicole O’Malley said.

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