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VMAs refrained from using Trump's name — then show went to commercial and the hatred was unleashed

Producers at the VMA's played an explicit song trashing President Donald Trump on Sunday during a commercial break. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Whenever Hollywood celebrities or mainstream musicians gather for an awards show for at least the next four years, you can be sure of one thing: President Donald Trump will be bashed.

And that’s exactly what happened Sunday night at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.


However, the biggest rip at Trump didn’t come during the live broadcast, but came during a commercial break when producers graced audience members with the rap song "F*** Donald Trump."

Rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle recorded and released the song last year amid the heated presidential campaign season.

The song’s chorus goes like this:

F*** Donald Trump

F*** Donald Trump

Yeah, n***a, f*** Donald Trump

Yeah, yeah, f*** Donald Trump

He who must not be named

The Daily Caller notes that Trump’s name was only mentioned during the entire awards ceremony when that song was played. Many speeches were filled with anti-Trump rhetoric, but the stars refrained from using his name directly.

So the question must be asked: Why did MTV producers only wait until a commercial break to play the song? Obviously with FCC regulations they couldn’t broadcast the song in its explicit form on live TV, but they could have “bleeped” the song’s more coarse language if they really wanted to boldly send a message. After all, words are bleeped all the time. So why not then?

Because they're cowards. Nothing says "resist" more than doing it when no one sees.

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