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Is Trump tearing the country apart? Here's what a Fox News poll says

A new Fox News poll shows that a majority of registered voters believe President Donald Trump is "tearing the country apart," but he gets high marks for the economy, terrorism, and Hurricane Harvey. (Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

In a new Fox News poll released Wednesday, registered voters were asked whether President Donald Trump was drawing the country together or tearing it apart. The results are surprising.

According to Fox News, only 33 percent of registered voters say Trump is drawing the country together, while a majority, 56 percent, say he's tearing the country apart.

Other results from the Fox News poll taken Aug. 27-29 support the notion that Americans believe things are getting worse in America.

When asked if they are satisfied with how "things are going in the country," the share of those satisfied has fallen 10 points since April to 36 percent. And those who are dissatisfied has grown by 11 points since April to 64 percent.

On the positive side, Americans are more positive about the economy. With 36 percent of Americans saying the economy is in "excellent" or "good" shape, the positive rating for the economy is the highest it has been in the Fox News poll since 2004.

Trump's net approval rating is the worst yet for him in the Fox News poll:

In addition, a record 55 percent of voters disapprove of the job he’s doing as president, while 41 percent approve. That’s a net negative by 14 points and his worst score to-date. In April, around the 100-day mark of the administration, his ratings were at net negative three (45-48 percent). Trump’s first job rating on the Fox News Poll is the only one that’s been in positive territory: 48-47 percent (February 2017).

The president got positive ratings with running the economy, on terrorism, and on Hurricane Harvey in the poll. But he rates poorly on North Korea, taxes, immigration, Russia, the environment, and health care. His worst rating is in race relations.

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