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12-year-old girl saves little sister from gunshots

A 12-year-old victim of a Ohio shooting pushed her younger sister out of the way of gunshots to save her. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A 12-year-old victim of a recent Ohio shooting pushed her younger sister out of the way of gunshots to save her, WLWT-TV reported.

Demera Sellers was struck when someone fired bullets in her Cincinnati neighborhood on Tuesday.

“I got shot here and the bullet came out here,” Demera told WLWT, demonstrating how the bullet traveled through her body, narrowly missing vital organs.

Demera’s mother, Kiesha Rice, told WLWT that before Demera was shot, she pushed her little sister out of the way of danger.

“I’m overly proud of her. I could never thank her enough for saving my baby’s life,” Rice said.

Demera said her sister “wasn’t running fast enough so I had to grab her by her arm and drag her up there so she can be in front of me.”

“I told her 'Go, keep running,' and when I pushed her, they shot me and I fell against the wall,” she said, adding that the bullet that hit her traveled through the spot where her sister had been only a second before.

“I was scared,” Demera added. “I was right there by them when they were shooting.”

A 17-year-old was also shot, according to WLWT. He is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the report, police have not yet arrested a suspect.

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