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See the moment when a neo-Nazi is knocked unconscious after Antifa stalks, finds him on Twitter

Image source: TheBlaze

A man wearing a Nazi swastika armband was tracked on Twitter throughout the day Sunday, and when Antifa members caught up to him, he was knocked out cold with one punch.

What happened?

The incident occurred in Seattle, and was documented on what appeared to be several Antifa-related Twitter accounts.

Buzzfeed reported that through the group's detective work, the Antifa accounts were able to track and locate the man wearing the Nazi emblem.

Some of the users also accused the man of harassing citizens — "screaming" in people's faces and "yelling at passersby."

When the unidentified Nazi emblem-wearing man was finally confronted after being stalked on social media, he faced off with several people at once, as caught on video.

Warning: video contains rough imagery. 

As you can see in the video, the man was knocked unconscious with one punch by a guy in gray sweats.

While it's hard to make out much of the conversation before the physical attack, you can hear what sounds like the Nazi armband-wearing man say, "They deserve welfare."

This writer's perspective

The Bill of Rights is our gold standard, isn't it?

Bands of renegade vigilantes masquerading around in black Antifa clothing seem to be pretty unconstitutional, but until they cross the line of free speech, which is protected by the First Amendment — and does include hate speech — what can we do to stop it, save for charging the would-be assailants individually for assault, offensive touching, or harassment?

Worse yet,  since there's no governmental regulation of Antifa — or "fringe groups" like Antifa — what's to stop the group from using their numbers and reach to target any person or entity that they simply don't like?

Hunting people down from social media is a frightening concept on the whole — and thinking of Antifa as some sort of unregulated bounty-hunting group is terrifying on several levels.

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