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Liberal actor George Clooney calls on Democrats to return Weinstein donations

Image source: TheBlaze

Actor George Clooney told The Daily Beast in an interview released Monday night that Democratic politicians should return or donate any funds provided to them by film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Several women have accused Weinstein  of long-term, widespread sexual harassment this month. Weinstein was fired over the weekend from his film production company as a result of the allegations.

What did Clooney say?

Clooney, speaking to the website, said, "If politicians knew these stories, I doubt they’d have been taking donations from him at the DNC [Democratic National Committee], and I hope that they will all give the money back or donate it to good causes."

Who has Weinstein donated to, anyway?

According to Business Insider, Weinstein has donated or raised more than $2 million to Democratic politicians since the 2000 election cycle.

Democrats listed for donations include:

  • George's own father, Nick Clooney, who ran for the House in Kentucky in 2004: $4,000
  • Former President Barack Obama: $45,800
  • Former New York senator, secretary of state, and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:$26,832
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.): $14,200
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y): $11,800
  • Former Massachusetts senator, secretary of state, and 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry: $28,000
  • Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.): $17,800
  • Sen. Al Franken (Minn.): $20,000
  • Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.): $2,500
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.): $5,000
  • Former White House chief of staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: $2,000

Weinstein also donated money to the following Democratic organizations:

  • The Democratic National Committee: $305,149
  • The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: $193,392
  • The Democratic Party of Wisconsin: $10,000
  • The Pennsylvania Democratic Party: $5,000
  • Our Common Values PAC: $15,000
  • Midwest Values PAC: $9,800
  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: $18,500
  • The Hill PAC: $15,000
  • The Human Rights Committee: $10,000
  • The NJ Democratic State Committee: $2,200
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