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Watch: Journo grills Clinton for 'still blaming others more than yourself' — her response speaks volumes

Hillary Clinton is grilled over why she still blames others for presidential loss. Her response speaks volumes. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

What happened?

While on a tour promoting her new book about her failed presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton was grilled by British journalist Matt Frei for continuing to lay blame on others for her loss to Donald Trump last November.

Frei also debunked Clinton's claim that her gender played a role in her loss, telling Clinton that voters more weighed who she is versus which genitals she was born with.

"Your dynastic appeal or perhaps it was the opposite: The fact that you were called Clinton, the fact that you were first lady basically trumped any novelty — if you forgive the term — of being the first female president of the United States. People looked at your name and your legacy more than they looked at your gender," Frei said.

That's when Clinton laid blame on others.

What did she say?

She responded to Frei's claim about her gender: "That doesn’t explain why I led all the way through, why I won the primary by 4 million votes, why I was winning, we had a great convention. I was thought to have won all three debates. That doesn't explain it, Matt, so that's why I had to really dig deep."

Then Clinton claimed to take some responsibility for her loss, but placed the lion's share of the blame on former FBI Director James Comey and Russia. She said:

And, yes, I take responsibility. Obviously, there were things I must have been able to do differently in order to have won. But at the end, there was this really perfect storm, and so you had the Comey letter and you had the enormous impact of the Russian theft of emails, the release of them by WikiLeaks, basically now a part of the Russian intelligence apparatus, and the weaponization of that. These were all new phenomena.

"So you're still blaming others more than yourself?" Frei shot back.

"No, I take ultimate responsibility, I don't blame others, but I think it's important that people understand what happened. It easy to say, ‘Well, you know she wasn’t a good candidate.’ Then why did lead all the way to the end, why did I get nominated overwhelmingly?" Clinton replied.

"Did people lie at the polls?" Frei followed up.

"No, I think there were intervening events that caused people to worry, to have second thoughts," Clinton said. "And I think it's important to go into those."

Watch the exchange:

What else has Clinton blamed?

From a list I compiled last month:

  1. Russian interference through either a disinformation campaign via WikiLeaks or Trump-Russia collusion. She's also pointed blame at Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  2. Former FBI Director James Comey's criminal investigation of her use of a private email server while secretary of state
  3. Poor voter data from the Democratic National Committee. Clinton has described it as "mediocre, "poor," "nonexistent" and "wrong."
  4. Voter suppression and voter ID laws
  5. Sexism
  6. Racism
  7. Barack Obama
  8. Bernie Sanders and his supporters
  9. Jill Stein
  10. The mainstream media, specifically the New York Times for aggressively covering her email scandal
  11. The Electoral College
  12. Bad polling
  13. People who assumed she would win
  14. "Gullible Americans"
  15. Fake News
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