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School's 'family quiz' sparks parent outrage after it tests kids on 'boytoy,' 'mistress,' and more

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Parents at Carter G. Woodson Middle School in Hopewell, Virginia, were outraged after a teacher assigned a family quiz that featured testing on terms such as "boytoy," "affair," and "mistress," according to WRIC-TV.

One concerned parent shared the quiz on Facebook, where the story first gained traction.

What was on the test?

Some problems on the quiz asked questions such as "What do you call the father of your father?" and "What do you call the mother of your great-grandfather?" but more nefarious questions were included on the test.

One question asked "What do you call the much younger boyfriend of an older woman?" while another asked "What do you call the much younger and beautiful wife of an older, wealthy man?"

Some students answered the last two questions with "boytoy" and "trophy wife," respectively.

What did parents say?

A mother of an 11-year-old child enrolled at the middle school contacted WRIC to voice her displeasure.

"It was highly inappropriate for a teacher to bring this up in a family class, which was family and consumer science because it had nothing to do with the family unit that is outside the family unit," the student's mother, Tara Sample, said.

Did the school respond?

Melody Hackney, superintendent for Hopewell schools, said the quiz was never part of the curriculum and that a teacher had downloaded the quiz from the internet.

A statement from Hackney read:

We were made aware last evening of the Facebook coverage of the assignment given to students in the Family and Consumer Sciences program at our middle school. We immediately began to investigate. Upon further review, we have determined that a teacher downloaded this worksheet from the Internet. This content was not a part of the current and approved curriculum for this course nor was it in any way an appropriate learning tool for middle school aged children. This assignment was also not included or referenced in the teacher's weekly lesson plans that are reviewed and approved in advance of instruction. Additional controls and School Board Office supports have been put in place. At this point, this matter has become a personnel issue and no further comment is appropriate.

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