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More than 60 Alabama pastors sign open letter condemning Roy Moore: 'Not fit for office

A group of more than five dozen Alabama clergy sign an open letter opposing Roy Moore, saying he is unfit for office. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Dozens of Alabama clergy signed an open letter over the weekend condemning Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, a Republican who routinely cites his Christian faith to defend himself and define his beliefs.

What did the letter state?

The short letter said that Moore is "not fit for office" because of the recent sexual misconduct allegations against him and the fact that his life and actions don't align with the Christian values he proclaims.

"Even before the recent allegations of sexual abuse, Roy Moore demonstrated that he was not fit for office, and that his extremist values and actions are not consistent with traditional Christian values or good Christian character," the clergy wrote. "He and politicians like him have cynically used Christianity for their own goals. But Roy Moore does not speak for Christianity, and he acts in ways that are contrary to our faith."

They explained that Moore's priorities don't align with those the Bible says righteous men have, namely justice for society's most vulnerable people: the foreigner, poor, widow and orphan.

What else did the say?

Focusing on the sexual abuse allegations, the pastors said:

Christianity rejoices in the truth and affirms the rights of abuse survivors to tell their stories without silencing. Christianity abhors sexual coercion and violence. We acknowledge that many people have been victims of sexual assault and abuse in our own places of worship. Clergy misconduct has done real and lasting harm, both physically and spiritually. We repudiate the actions of religious and political leaders like Roy Moore who have sought to silence, to cover up, and to be complicit in the sexual abuse. These actions reopen the wounds of anyone who has been abused by leaders who should have been committed to compassion, to justice, and to healing God's world.

Who else has spoken out against Moore?

Aside from every Democrat from Alabama to Timbuktu, most Republicans have also spoken out against the Alabama judge. Many, including the GOP's top congressional ranks, have called on Moore to step down from his campaign.

Even if he wins, Moore would face expulsion from the Senate, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) vowed last week.

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