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New bitcoin bank boasts 500,000th user

News has reached half a million users on its Wallet app. is the largest web portal for Bitcoin information and related services. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

What happened? announced Monday that the new Wallet has been downloaded by half a million users in just three months.

What is the Wallet?

The wallet is a cross-platform software that allows users of Bitcoin Legacy (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to purchase more bitcoins, send and receive bitcoins to others with the app, and use the wallet as a "bank" to store their bitcoins. It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android and iOS mobile applications. also announced an upcoming update to the app that will feature shared multisignature wallets for Bitcoin Cash, automatic sweeping of BCH from Bitcoin private keys, and deriving BCH and BTC wallets from the same seed phrase.

What else should I know? is the largest web portal for Bitcoin information and related services, including bitcoin-related news, educational sources, and casino games.

"Attaining five hundred thousand users on a product that's barely three months old is a significant milestone for our company," CEO Roger Ver said. "We look forward to continuing such rapid growth in the coming year."

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