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James Comey sends internet into uproar with tweet that many believe is a jab at President Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey "subtweeted" President Donald Trump on Saturday, tweeting about a free speech, less than an hour after Trump bashed CNN on Twitter. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Former FBI James Comey is new to Twitter, but his influence is nothing new. So when he took to Twitter Saturday evening to "subtweet" President Donald Trump, thousands took notice as Comey's tweet spread like a viral wildfire.

What did Comey tweet?

Comey tweeted a quote about the importance of the free press, which is attributed to Founding Father and third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson.

Within hours, the tweet accumulated tens of thousands of retweets and "likes." The reason why? Because it was likely a response to something Trump had tweeted less than an hour before.

Trump, who is fairly active on Twitter each weekend, lashed out at CNN International for being a "major source of (Fake) news."

[T]hey represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!" Trump said.

What was the response to Comey's tweet?

Comey's tweet garnered a mixed bag of responses. Some people were in agreement with Comey's message, while others bashed him for it.

However, what most people agreed with was that the tweet was a subtle jab at Trump.

Those who agreed with Comey replied:

Meanwhile, Comey's detractors replied:

For its part, CNN also fired back at Trump:

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