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A picture of hell': Terrorists nearly killed him, but he says prayer changed everything

Mason Wells survived terror attacks in Boston, Paris, and Brussels. (Image source: "Megyn Kelly Today")

Two-time terror survivor Mason Wells once faced an uncertain future. But more than a year and a half later, he now looks back on his experiences as well as his quest for healing through a hopeful and forgiving lens.

And he credits God with helping him get through it all.

“It was literally a picture of hell,” Wells said on “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” while discussing what he saw after two suicide bombers detonated explosives inside the Brussels airport last year. Wells describes the ordeal in detail in his new book, “Left Standing: The Miraculous Story of How Mason Wells’s Faith Survived the Boston, Paris, and Brussels Terror Attacks.”

Listen to him share his story alongside his two co-authors here:

Wells, who also survived the Boston bombing, went on to explain how he felt God’s presence during the most horrific of circumstances.

“When I was laying there on that cold sidewalk the morning of March 22, 2016 … I was facing the bleakest future I possibly could. I was quite literally laying in a pool of my own blood … I could literally see shrapnel sticking out of my leg,” he said.

Wells continued, “It was in those moments as I began to pray … that this comfort came over me, something I really can’t describe. It was a realization that someone was there and that they were looking over me.”

He attributes that peaceful presence to God and said that he has chosen to be a “survivor and not a victim.”

Find out more about “Left Standing.”

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