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Gunman tries a carjacking. Problem is, it's an unmarked police car — with two officers inside. Oops.

An armed carjacker in St. Louis ordered a vehicle's occupants to get out — but unfortunately for him, the car was an unmarked police vehicle that was occupied by two cops. (Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot)

It's amazing the trouble one can encounter when making assumptions — particularly if one is carjacking in the process.

Who wins the Darwin Award this time?

  • St. Louis police told KMOV-TV a pair officers were in an unmarked car Tuesday morning when they spotted a vehicle they believed was taken in a recent carjacking.
  • But while the officers waited on data about the vehicle, the station said a man armed with an AK-47 rifle exited the suspicious car and demanded the officers get out of theirs.

Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot

  • As you might imagine, police told KMOV they don't believe the gunman knew who he was messing with — although authorities added that the officers were wearing clothing that clearly indicated they were law enforcement.

What went down next?

  • Just like that, gunfire was exchanged, the station said.
  • The gunman was wounded, and one of the officers suffered facial injuries from broken glass, police told KMOV.

Image source: KMOV-TV video screenshot

  • The gunman, 21, was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, the station said, and the injured officer was treated and is expected to recover.
  • The suspicious vehicle took off from the scene with at least one person inside, KMOV reported.
  • While that car was later recovered, the station said cops are looking for another suspect.
  • Police believe the vehicle in question was taken in a mid-October carjacking, KMOV added.

(H/T: Blue Lives Matter)

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