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Google is deploying 10,000 staffers to police YouTube content

Google is set to deploy 10,000 staffers to police inappropriate content and comments by YouTube users. (Eric Piermont/Getty Images)

Google is deploying 10,000 staffers to police inappropriate content and comments by YouTube users, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

The move is designed to protect children and bar violent or hateful content, company executives said. But some observers are questioning what else the internet giant might censor.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojciki wrote in the Daily Telegraph that "some bad actors are exploiting our openness to mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm."

Wojicki also said YouTube will also monitor comments more closely, CNN reported.

"We are also taking aggressive action on comments, launching new comment moderation tools and in some cases shutting down comments altogether," Wojicki said.

YouTube, the video streaming arm of Google, already censors what it deems to be hate speech, violence, and content considered inappropriate for children. It was not clear how many content moderators that Google currently employs, the Associated Press reported.

Are pedophiles stalking children on YouTube?

YouTube has a problem with adults making inappropriate comments on videos of children, the New York Post reported. A Times of London investigation found the website fails to do enough to remove the content. Deutsche Bank, Adidas, Mars candy, and others pulled advertising because their ads appeared next to inappropriate content.

What else is YouTube allegedly censoring?

YouTube was recently sued for allegedly censoring conservative content.

PragerU, a conservative educational site, filed a lawsuit against Google and YouTube in October over alleged free speech violations.

According to the lawsuit, Google and YouTube told PragerU that content reviewers  found some of their videos to be “inappropriate” for young audiences, The Hill reported.  As a result, the videos were "restricted" or "de-monetized," meaning the videos cannot earn ad revenue.

“Watch any one of our videos and you’ll immediately realize that Google/YouTube censorship is entirely ideologically driven,” Dennis Prager, PragerU founder, said in a statement.

Prager U says more than 50 of its videos were censored. According to PragerU, the impacted titles include:

  • "Why America Must Lead"
  • "The Least Diverse Place in America"
  • "College Made Me a Conservative"
  • "Gun Rights Are Women's Rights"
  • "Is the Death Penalty ever Moral?"
  • "Why Isn't Communism as Hated as Nazism?"
  • "What Should We Do About Guns?"
  • "Immigrants! Don't Vote for What You Fled"
  • "Is Islam a Religion of Peace?"
  • "Are the Police Racist?"

A petition supporting the lawsuit has 391,847 signatures.

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