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Anonymous Chick-fil-A patron gives needy man shoes right off his own feet

Image source: TheBlaze

An anonymous Chick-fil-A patron, noticing a needy man whose shoes were falling apart and taped together with duct tape, took the shoes off his own feet and, in a beautiful act of service, provided them to the needy gentleman.

What are the details?

Hallie Cassady, an eyewitness to the occurrence, told WBKO-TV that she saw a man with dilapidated footwear enter a Chick-fil-A in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Later on, the man started to leave the restaurant, and upon noticing his shoes, an unidentified good Samaritan approached him.

The good Samaritan took off his own shoes and gave them to the needy man.

"The guy goes, 'Sir?' and he goes 'Yes?' And [the first man] just looked at him in the eyes and took off his boots, and handed them to him," Cassady told WBKO. "You could tell it made the other guy's day, and it made my day."

Cassady later snapped a photo of the good Samaritan, who sat and finished his meals in his stocking feet.

Her father, Kyle Cassady, later tweeted the image, which has received over 1,000 likes.

Kyle Cassady on Twitter wrote, "Just witnessed an awesome act of kindness by this gentleman taking off his boots during his meal at the (BG) Chick-fil-A to give to a man in need with shoes that were being held together with duct tape."

Kyle also told WBKO that is the kind of "good example" that you want your children to witness.

"The values and beliefs of the Chick-fil-A Corporation and this act of kindness taking place in this store in Bowling Green, Kentucky, she got to see something that you don't see every day," he explained.

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