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Laura Ingraham obliterates the proposed 'Dreamer' amnesty deal - here's why
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Laura Ingraham obliterates the proposed 'Dreamer' amnesty deal - here's why

Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted the immigration compromise bill that members of Congress reached on Thursday, saying that the president should reject it out of hand for being too weak on immigration enforcement.

Here's what she said:

Here's what Ingraham said about the proposed legislation:

"As I predicted, this 'Gang of Six' bill is a complete and utter joke," she began.

"Earlier in the week, the president empowered congressional leaders to come up with a bipartisan deal to address the status of those 800,000 or so Dreamers that Obama through executive action, protected from deportation," she explained.

"Remember there were some prerequisites — build the wall, add more border agents and immigration judges, and end chain migration and the visa lottery," she added. "But today Senators Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake unveiled their great compromise. The moment I heard it was those three involved, I knew it was gonna be bad, by the way."

Why Ingraham hates the bill

"If you're wondering why the president has already in the words of Dick Durbin, 'personally rejected the bill,' I'll tell you why," she said. "It would increase chain migration, violating one of the president's non-negotiables, number one."

"The DACA recipients get citizenship, and can then sponsor relatives, and their parents, for renewable three-year periods," she added.

"The money for border enforcement is, as I predicted, a pittance," Ingraham protested, "$2.3 billion is all Durbin, Graham and Flake offered, and by the way only $1.6 billion will go toward construction of the wall or the double fencing."

Cheap on the border wall

"A real border wall is expected to cost $20 billion. And while Congress anguishes to find the money, by the way, remember we're going to rebuild Puerto Rico for about $50 billion, and illegals cost us, all in, about $113 billion a year," she continued.

"So do not tell me we do not have the money to enforce our own border," she said.

"This will not do, no way, no how, " Ingraham concluded, saying that the president should love this bill — not President Trump, but the president of Mexico.

President Trump tasked Republicans and Democrats to come up with a solution to the immigration problem, including the DACA "Dreamer" recipients who would be losing their deportation deferrals soon.

News of the deal was quickly overwhelmed by the furor over Trump's controversial comments about Africa and Haiti.

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