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One Million Moms calls for Scholastic protest over 'pro-homosexual,' 'pro-transgender' books

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Conservative group One Million Moms, an American Family Association division, is calling for consumers to protest Scholastic Inc.'s publishing house for promoting "pro-homosexual and pro-transgender" books for children.

In a blog post on its website last week, the group implored parents to push the  company to discontinue the publishing and promoting of such books.

What did Scholastic Inc. do?

Scholastic Inc. caught the ire of One Million Moms last week, accusing the publisher of "marketing transgender picture books for children."

One example included in the posting was the 2015 Scholastic Inc. offering "George," a book about a fourth-grader named George who wants to play the female lead role in school play "Charlotte's Web" but can't because he's a boy.

Additionally, recommended reading lists on Scholastic's site include "Mother's Day Books for Two-Mommy Families," "Great Books for Two-Dad Families," and "6 Picture Books About Transgender Children" — a list with books tailored to children as young as kindergarten age.

Scholastic Inc. has been a proponent for LGBTQ activism and published a lengthy missive to commemorate Pride Month 2017, titled, "Create Inclusive, Affirming Schools for LGBTQ Students."

The post, published on the company's website, included ways to "create more nurturing and inclusive school environments" for children, such as a suggestion to "diversify libraries with LGBT books."

Those books included on the list to help "diversify" libraries?

Books with titles like "The Sissy Duckling," "Pride," "Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights," and more.

"Uncle Bobby's Wedding," another Scholastic Inc. offering, tells the story of a child's uncle who is marrying his boyfriend. The book, which takes place within "an alternative family," is tailored for children as young as preschool age.

Scholastic Inc. didn't always appear to outwardly push an LGBT agenda — and, in fact, reportedly excluded a book from school book fairs in 2009 due to language and homosexual content. After receiving much backlash over its decision to leave the book out, Scholastic reversed its position and amended that the book would be included in upcoming school book fairs.

Scholastic Inc. issued the following statement about the book, "Luv Ya Bunches":

Scholastic does not censor books … we are committed to a review process that considers all books equally regardless of their inclusion of LGBT characters and same sex parents. Having completed our review of Luv Ya Bunches, Scholastic Book Fairs will carry the title in our spring fairs for middle school. Scholastic is proud of our long history of providing books that will appeal to the wide range of interests and reading abilities of children in the many diverse cultures and communities we serve. Luv Ya Bunches is just one example.

What did One Million Moms post?

One Million Moms — clearly displeased at the idea that a publisher would promote books that could potentially cause gender identity confusion in young, impressionable children — called for parents to contact the publisher with their concerns.

"Scholastic is not safe for your child and parents should be warned," a portion of last week's blog post read.

The post later accused Scholastic Inc. of "using its platform to promote pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children."

The group also seemed to suggest that "pro-transgender" books go against recommendations of the American College of Pediatrics.

"The American College of Pediatricians warns: 'Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse,'" the post advised.

Concluding their post, One Million Moms suggested that parents contact Scholastic — who, according to the group, is "harming children" — to ask that the company "discontinue publishing and promoting pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children."

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