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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau publicly corrects woman for not using gender-inclusive language

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rebuked a woman at a town hall last week for not using politically correct gender inclusive language. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau interrupted a woman at a town hall last week in British Columbia because she didn’t use a politically correct term.

What happened?

During the event, Trudeau took a question from a woman who identified herself with the World Mission Society Church of God. She asked about Canadian religious volunteer regulations and whether the government could loosen them. The regulations center on volunteer versus "charitable" work, the latter requiring a work visa in Canada.

The unidentified parishioner called the regulations "extremely difficult."

"That’s why in actuality, we cannot do free volunteering to help our neighbors in need as we truly desire,” she explained. "So that’s why we came here today, to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislation so that it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that is going to change the future of mankind. So we’d like you to—"

That’s when Trudeau interrupted the woman.

"We like to say ‘peoplekind,' not necessarily ‘mankind,' because it’s more inclusive,” he corrected.

The crowd immediately burst into applause and cheers over the correction, even the questioner affirmed the politically correct rebuke.

“We can all learn from each other,” Trudeau explained.

Is this the norm in Canada?

Yes. The Canadian government in recent years has made a push to move away from non-gender-inclusive language to language that is completely gender-neutral. Last week, the country even voted to make its national anthem, "O Canada," general-neutral.

The bill changed the second line of the anthem from "true patriot love, in all thy sons command" to "in all of us command."

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