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Charleston mass killer’s sister arrested for allegedly bringing weapons and drugs on school grounds

Image source: TheBlaze

Police arrested Morgan Roof, the younger sister of the mass killer who murdered people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, on weapons and drug charges on Wednesday.

What are the details?

Police arrested the 18-year-old Roof for reportedly bringing weapons — specifically a knife and pepper spray — onto school property, as well as having marijuana in her backpack.

Richland County Sheriff’s Department announced that authorities detained Roof, a high school student at A.C. Flora High School in Columbia, after a school resource officer was told of her possessions.

Just before her arrest, Roof allegedly crafted a social media post criticizing Wednesday's student-led walkout protests, which reportedly sparked concern among the students.

A school administrator also reported Roof's social media post, which allegedly caused worry on the school campus.

The social media post read, "Your [sic] walking out for the allowed time of 17min, They are letting you do this, nothing is going to change what tf you think it’s gonna do? I hope it’s a trap and y’all get shot we know it’s fixing to be nothing but black people walkin [sic] out anyway."

After her arrest, Roof was sent to Richland County Detention Center. Her bond was set at $5,000 and she is not allowed to return to school.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster released the following statement:

Potential tragedy was avoided at AC Flora High School. In two separate incidents, students and educators reacted quickly to reports of suspicious activity and behavior to their Richland County Sheriff's Department school resource officer. We owe a debt of gratitude to all involved who acted so quickly and decisively.

For months, I have called on the General Assembly to join me in placing a trained, certified police officer in every school, in every county, all day, every day. We don't need anymore legislative study committees, debates, or deliberation, we know what we need to do and we need action now. Today was proof positive.

Roof's brother — the killer responsible for the deaths of nine people in the 2015 church mass murder — is incarcerated at Indiana's Terre Haute Federal Prision.

He is awaiting execution after being sentenced to death in January 2017 as a result of his heinous crimes.

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