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WATCH: Ben Shapiro schools CNN's Brian Stelter on 'absolutely egregious' bias infecting mainstream media
Ben Shapiro took CNN host Brian Stelter to school on Sunday, explaining to him why the mainstream media are disconnected from mainstream America. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

WATCH: Ben Shapiro schools CNN's Brian Stelter on 'absolutely egregious' bias infecting mainstream media

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and CNN host Brian Stelter had a very candid conversation Sunday that was widely praised on social media. During the seven-minute interview, Shapiro exposed the mainstream media and explained why they are disconnected from mainstream America.

What happened?

The highlight of the interview came during an exchange on media bias. Shapiro explained the biggest problem with the mainstream media is many outlets purport to be objective while being extremely partisan.

Shapiro's comments came in response to critique from Stelter, who suggested Shapiro's news website and other conservative outlets make journalism better instead of trying to "tear things down." Shapiro said:

The fact is, listen, I don't want CNN to disappear. I don't want "The New York Times" to disappear. I don't want "The Washington Post" to disappear. I want them to do what they say they are supposed to be doing. I want them to perform objective journalism, if that what they say they're going to do, and opinion journalism if they want to say that they are opinion journalists. That's fine.

My problem is when — this is why my critique of, for example, "The New York Times" op-ed page is far less than my critique of "The New York Times" objective journalism. There's a difference between op-ed and journalism.

It's why my critique of MSNBC sometimes is a lot less strident, I think, than my critique of CNN, because CNN purports to be objective. MSNBC really does not purport to be objective in the same way.

Shapiro also criticized CNN for its coverage of the firearm debate in the wake of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14, calling coverage in the mainstream media "absolutely egregious."

Shapiro took issue with mainstream media outlets, like CNN, giving anti-gun, anti-NRA students a nearly unlimited platform to push their beliefs with little pushback from anchors when the students make factual mistakes or extreme statements, like blaming the NRA or Dana Loesch for mass shootings.

"This sort of thing makes a lot of people on the right feel that the media are really using this as an opportunity to push gun control, rather than objectively covering the legislative efforts that are going on in Washington, D.C," Shapiro explained.

"It's not a pleasant thing when people in the media pretend their political views are not influencing their coverage, when it's so obvious that those political views clearly are influencing their coverage," he added.

Watch the interview below:

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