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NBA player claims dinosaurs were 'pets' of 'bigger people in the world before us

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jordan Clarkson claimed on a podcast that dinosaurs were the "pets" of "bigger people in the world before us." The podcast will make you laugh. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

NBA guard Jordan Clarkson appeared on the "Road Trippin’" podcast this week and threw down a theory that might raise the eyebrows even of Fred Flintstone and the whole cast of "Land of the Lost."

Clarkson and his Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Larry Nance Jr. were chatting it up when the conversation shifted to the notion that co-host DJ Montage doesn't believe dinosaurs existed.

Which then led to an even odder turn, courtesy of Clarkson, the Kansas City Star reported.

"I don’t believe in dinosaurs, either," Clarkson began. "Well no, I actually do. I believe that — alright this is gonna get a little crazy, alright? I’m gonna take y’all a little left on this. Alright, so y’all know how we got dogs and stuff, right?"

DJ Montage couldn't take the suspense: "Right."

Clarkson then jumped in with both feet. "So I think it was bigger people in the world before us, and like, the dinosaurs was they pets," he said.

"On a leash? Like a pet?" DJ Montage replied. "So how big were these people?

Clarkson's response: "Oh, you look at a dinosaur? They got to be three times bigger than them."

There you have it.

Clarkson later added that he believes "aliens" exist and stated his staunch disbelief that the moon landing actually happened and was instead created in a Hollywood studio.

And while it took him a few moments to gather his thoughts after co-host Allie Clifton asked him what he studied in college, Clarkson was able to offer a somewhat hesitant "general studies."

Not that any of this matters to the Cavs, who aren't paying Clarkson $11.5 million a year to perfect his prehistoric pedigree — or to their fans, who wouldn't mind seeing more games like Monday night's win over Milwaukee during which Clarkson scored 17 points.

But if you want a sure giggle, here's audio of the podcast. The relevant portion starts at the 40:40 mark:

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