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Bill Maher repeats 'lie' about Dana Loesch's past — then Loesch fires back with the truth

After Bill Maher repeats a "lie" about Dana Loesch and her past, Loesch hit back with the truth. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher repeated a "lie" about Dana Loesch on his show Friday night, lashing out at her and other conservatives who dislike Hollywood.

Now Loesch is firing back.

What did Maher say?

Maher took aim at conservatives from Hollywood or those associated with Hollywood, such as Scott Baio, James Woods, Pat Sajak, President Donald Trump, among others. He also mocked Stacey Dash and Trump's inauguration last year for having the band "3 Doors Down" perform while former President Barack Obama had superstars, such as Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder, perform at his.

Then Maher set his sights on Loesch.

"What you may not know about Dana Loesch is that before her job as NRA spokesmodel, she was a show business wannabe, a homemaker in St. Louis with a mommy-blog and a radio show and dreams of TV stardom," Maher said.

He then regurgitated a claim from "NCIS" producer Paul Guyot, who alleged last month that Loesch once pitched him the idea for a show about "a hot young mom who does far right radio show." According to Guyot, Loesch made the pitch 10 years ago and he turned her down.

"And you know what, if only they had made that sitcom. Today, she might be a completely normal person. Instead, we're all getting the clinched fist of truth because show business gave her the raised finger of 'f**k off,'" Maher said.

How did Loesch respond?

With fire:

She later followed up:

Chris Loesch, Dana's husband, later replied to someone on Twitter confirming that Maher was repeating a lie and that his show didn't reach out to Loesch for comment:

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