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Trump admin considering mandatory drug testing for some food stamp recipients

Image source: TheBlaze

President Donald Trump's administration is considering mandatory drug testing for certain recipients of food stamps, according  The Associated Press.

What's being proposed?

The testing, if approved, would be required of able-bodied food stamp recipients who do not have dependents and who are seeking "specialized" employment.

An anonymous administration official told the AP that about 5 percent of individuals receiving food stamp assistance, or SNAP, could be impacted by the potential new drug testing mandate.

Federal law currently prohibits individual states from enforcing such requirements on applicants and recipients of welfare.

The AP also noted that in February, USDA officials were "awaiting word from the White House about the timing of a possible drug testing announcement."

"I think we just have to be ready because my guess is we may get an hour’s notice instead of a day’s notice," wrote Jessica Shahin, associate administrator of SNAP.

Anything else?

Sonny Perdue, secretary of Agriculture and former Georgia governor, has vowed to allow states to have "greater control over SNAP."

"As a former governor, I know first-hand how important it is for states to be given flexibility to achieve the desired goal of self-sufficiency for people," Perdue said. "We want to provide the nutrition people need, but we also want to help them transition from government programs, back to work, and into lives of independence."

The food stamp program provided support to nearly 21 million U.S. households — more than 42 million people — during the 2017 fiscal year.

In February, Trump made waves by suggesting replacing a portion of food stamp benefits with food boxes.

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