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Sean Hannity tweets statement after being revealed as Michael Cohen's client in court

Popular Fox News host Sean Hannity tweeted a statement after being revealed as one of the clients of Michael Cohen in court. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot composite)

Popular Fox News host Sean Hannity released a statement after being revealed as one of the clients of Michael Cohen, who was in court over the FBI raid on his residence and office.

Here's what Hannity said about the revelation

The Fox News host tweeted out a statement about the news from his social media account.

"Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter," Hannity said. "I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees."

"I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective," he added.

"I assumed those conversations were confidential," he continued, "but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third-party."

"In response to some wild speculation," he concluded, "let me make clear that I did not ask Michael Cohen to bring this proceeding on my behalf, I have no personal interest in this proceeding, and, in fact, asked that my de minimis discussions with Michael Cohen, which dealt almost exclusively about real estate, not be made a part of this proceeding."

He also posted the statement at his website.

Why is this important?

Some, including his Fox News colleague Juan Williams, wondered why Hannity had never revealed his relationship with Michael Cohen when speaking about news items that involved his quasi-lawyer.

“Why, when Sean was on the air strongly an advocate for President Trump - not saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got a relationship with the lawyer,’ I think that’s a question," said Williams on "The Five" Monday.

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