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Piers Morgan is being pummeled by the left over what he said about 'gender-fluidity
Piers Morgan was excoriated by some in the LGBT community after he said that it was damaging to society to allow people to be "gender fluid." (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Piers Morgan is being pummeled by the left over what he said about 'gender-fluidity

Piers Morgan remained defiant about his comments that "gender fluidity" is "damaging to society" even after a public furor arose from the LGBT community.

Here's what Morgan said

Morgan said that "gender-fluidity" was damaging to society even as he supported transgender persons "transitioning" from one gender to the other.

He made the comments on Good Morning Britain Monday.

"Where are we with the transgender debate?" he asked. "Because I've always come at this from I absolutely think anyone that wants to go through a process of transitioning from male to female or female to male, it's such an incredibly difficult thing to go through and so time consuming and so on and emotionally hard I would completely support people to do that."

"Where I have a real problem is with this whole opting out of gender, being gender-fluid," he continued. "Waking up one day and thinking you wanna be whatever you feel like."

"Is that not damaging to society?" he added. "If we allow everyone to self-identify how the hell they like?"

Here is the video of his controversial comments:

Doubling down against fluidity

Morgan doubled down on his comments and expanded on them after he was excoriated by the Gay Times magazine.

"I do," he said in response to their headline, "Piers Morgan suggests gender-fluidity is 'damaging to society'."

"I think 'gender-fluidity' is complete nonsense & when children are encouraged to be 'gender-fluid', dangerous nonsense," he added.

The Gay Times reported that Morgan had outraged many with previous comments against "non-binary children."

During the debate, which ran over 10 minutes, Piers made a string of offensive comments including labelling non-binary children a “contagion” and suggesting that identifying as non-binary is just a “massive new fad”.

When informed that 48% of trans youths attempt to take their own lives, Piers claimed that only “two or three” trans people committed suicide last year, but admitted: “I don’t know if that’s true or not.”

He then went on to list a string of hypotheticals, such as: “If I turned around right now and said ‘I am a black woman’… if I decided to identify myself as a different skin colour, would you respect that?”

When they pointed out that this was a false equivalency, he replied: “You want the right to identify as you choose and we all have to respect that but you don’t want to give me the same rights to choose how I identify.”

Morgan denied having an issue with anyone's sexuality in a later tweet.

"My issue is with 'gender-fluidity', which is a load of nonsense," he explained.

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