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Watch: Officers rush inside home after pickup crashes into it and causes it to explode

Texas police officers saved a family of three whose home exploded after a pickup plowed into it on April 7. The mother and father are still recovering in the hospital. (Image source: Video screenshot)

Timing and the quick actions of two Texas police officers saved the lives of a family after a man crashed his pickup into their home and hit a gas line, causing the home to explode.

The dashcam video released Wednesday shows Hurst Officer Travis Hiser and another officer walking toward the home just as it bursts into flames April 7 in the Fort Worth suburb.

Dixie Bridges and her husband of 37 years, Charles Bridges, were inside the house, along with their 30-year-old son, when the explosion occurred.

"It shook the whole house. I guess you can kind of describe it like a sonic boom," neighbor Gary Sutton told KXAS-TV.

Police arrested the uninjured driver, Arnulfo Castro, didn't have a driver's license and gave police a fake name. He was later turned over to immigration officials under the assumption that he is an illegal immigrant.

What happened?

Dixie Bridges was in her bedroom when the pickup truck plowed into their home. The crash left the woman injured and trapped in the room.

Soon after, the house exploded.

Charles Bridges was trying to rescue his wife when the officers stepped in and saved them both.

Hiser said they heard screaming coming from inside the house, so they broke down the back door to rescue them.

“We could hear her yelling and when I heard her yelling, it let me know that she’s alive and if she’s alive, then we need to anything that we can to get her out of there,” Hiser told KTVT-TV.

Dixie Bridges, who remains in ICU, suffered burns and was bleeding from a major artery and required surgery, their daughter, Sarah Shirey said.

Doctors told Shirey that the officers' timing was crucial to her survival.

“Thank you is not even enough,” the couple's daughter said. “Without them, my mother would not be here.”

On Wednesday, Dixie Bridges breathed on her own for the first time since the incident.

Charles Bridges, Shirey's father, suffered third-degree burns to his hands and face, and also remains hospitalized.

How bad was the explosion?

The couple is expected to survive their injuries, but the explosion destroyed their home and everything they had.

“My parents have lost everything they’ve ever worked for. When they get out of the hospital, they’ll need everything from a home to a toothbrush,” Shirey said.

Their son, who was also injured, has been released from the hospital. He's staying with family members.

Friends have been collecting clothing and other items the couple will need to start over, and Shirey set up a GoFundMe page to help them. They've collected just over $5,300 of the family's $100,000 goal.

Were the officers hurt?

They both suffered minor injuries. One officer was transported to the hospital for evaluation and released.

What else?

The blaze destroyed most of the evidence that authorities said would need to charge Castro with more than a misdemeanor of driving without a license.

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