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Artist slammed for cultural appropriation for wearing 'ski mask

Singer Halsey has caused a stir by wearing a head covering on stage last week as part of her costume. (Image source: YouTube screencap)

Singer Halsey was ripped on social media for a costume she wore on stage last week in New Zealand.

The 23-year-old flaunted a leotard along with a head covering, which sparked comments from followers on Twitter who accused the singer of cultural appropriation.

One user tweeted, "Wtf? As a Muslim woman this is offensive. You have a headscarf on and you're wearing a bodysuit. If you're going to wear a headscarf you have to cover your body."

Another weighed in, saying, "Officially lost all respect for her," while another simply said, "You look like a terrorist."

Halsey responded to the criticism, saying: "It's meant to look like a balaclava or a ninja mask. Like a robber or a Mortal Kombat character, I assure you. I'm sorry if I caused you any offense."

Other followers came to the singer's defense, saying, "Ok I'm a Muslim woman too and tbh she's just wearing a jeweled ski mask?? It's not a hijab in any sense?? It's fine sweetie."

A YouTube user also attempted to put an end to the fury, adding, "No offens (sic) but head scarfs aren't owned by a religion. Scarfs have been used to keep hair from blowing around, to cover your head if you are going through quimo (sic), as a head band sort of thing, etc. It isn't cultural appropriation. CALM DOWN. It's like if you slam her for having cornrows."

Last year, Hasley accused singer Iggy Azalea of cultural appropriation, saying that as a Caucasian Australian woman, Azalea "had a complete disregard for black culture" for singing hip-hop.

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