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Student who wanted to be soldier gives life up while protecting students from mass killer's bullets

Image source: TheBlaze

Christian "Riley" Garcia, 15, is a hero who saved many lives Friday during the Santa Fe High School mass murder in Texas, according to his pastor.

What are the details?

CNN reported that Christian died on Friday after reportedly attempting to block the mass killer from entering a classroom.

Keenan Smith, the Garcia family's pastor, told the outlet of his parishioner's brave actions.

"[Christian] was holding the door shut when the shooter was trying to gain access into that art room ... the shooter shot through the door, taking his [Christian's] life," Smith told CNN.

According to the report, Christian was able to keep the mass killer at bay long enough to allow students to escape through an alternate route.

"He was against the door trying to help his teacher, trying to help another student, and trying to shield the others there," Smith said.

Smith noted that Christian's life shouldn't have come down to having to "make those decisions."

"That's not what's supposed to happen to a 15-year-old's life," he said. "But he made them without even thinking about it, because it was his heart. This is who he was as an individual."

What else?

Christian's pastor told CBS News that Christian planned on joining the military when he got older.

"He was a good kid, he was compassionate, he was loving, caring and caring for other people, to the point that he desired to serve in the military when he was of age," Smith said.

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